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PixsMe Graphic Designs is about unveiling that visual panache for clients, and providing each client with a distinctive professional brand. Clients will step out of the box, and step into design.

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  • Art Colors in All Shapes and Sizes

    Art Colors in All Shapes and Sizes

    There’s an element of surprise when you’re driving along and see a billboard or an ad on tv with colorful shapes that leap out at you.  It captivates you and garners your attention.  When it comes to geometry, we learned how to find the area, volume, and LWH (length, width, and height) of various shapes.  […]

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  • For the Love of Pixels

    For the Love of Pixels

    Gradients.  Colors.  Abstract Textures.  The world of graphic design includes so many varieties of elements that one can’t begin to count the ways on which to design.  The possibilities are endless, and that’s not just a cliché.  You can really get lost in the symphony of techniques that it takes to create a work of […]

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  • Art 101

    Art 101

    “Others have seen what is and asked why.  I have seen what could be and asked why not.” -Pablo Picasso One day I was shopping for a new type of art medium for some sketch projects, and I stumbled upon a brilliant collection of colored pencils.  Since my early days of college, I would often […]

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About Me

Hi, I’m Nina, Principal Designer of PixsMe

I am a freelance graphic designer, and have had an affinity for drawing since childhood. My inspiration comes from the ordinary to transform it into the extraordinary. I enjoy the art of collaborating with other designers to glean from their experiences, and create positive ones of my own.